Anxiety Party

A workshop for expressing work anxieties and getting feedback.
It helps to eliminate the worries you have and to look at other perspectives.
An opportunity to learn a lot about your colleagues.

Mob Programming with BABA is You

If you would like to make a mob programming session to teach your collegues about the flow, then this game is right for you. The Goals of the Game: Learning the process of mob programming in a playful & funny way The session is also suitable for non-programmers. You can play this session remotely if you use a video conference tool, where it is possible to give other participants the control…

Don’t get lost in the shopping mall! Magic Maze

This article was a request of ScrumMasters and Agile Coaches from all around the world, made at the Global Scrum Gathering in Vienna in October 2019. You can find the german version here! In the stressful working environment of an Agile Coach or ScrumMaster, it is sometimes hard to deliver learning content in a purposeful way. To design those content in a understandable and sustainable…

Virtual Scrum Values Game

The Virtual Scrum values game allows you to play the Scrum Values Game with your team no matter where they are located. This game takes the traditional paper cards and replaces them with a updated virtual version of the game. By using the same tools you use to do Stand Ups for your virtual teams you now have a tool to use in Retrospectives to…