Summer Meadows (and the Three Vs)

Summer Meadows is a short and fun exercise to demonstrate the effect of handoffs, detailed specs, and silos (otherwise referred to as the Product Management Vacuum) and to communicate how the Three Vs (Vision, Value, Validation) serve as a way to create more cohesive and creative products.

Technical Debt Game – for non-technical people

Experience the difference between doing continuous refactoring … or not A game for groups from 3 to 5 people. Setup: 5 minIntroduction: 5 minTwo rounds of each 5-10 min so approx. 10-20 minDebrief: 5-15 min Purpose of the game: Explain and experience the effects and consequences of adding feature after feature and cummulating technical debt or doing and investing in continuous refactoring. Background: A team…

Jeu des rôles et des responsabilités de Scrum

English version here : Scrum Roles and Responsibilities Game.     Choose “Français” in language’s listTraduction du jeu Scrum Roles and Responsibilities Game de Andrew Rusling Une exécution complète du jeu   Timing : 15 minutes de jeu, 30 minutes de préparation (à réaliser une seule fois). Matériel : 32 fiches d’une couleur donnée (J’ai choisi le bleu). 7 fiches d’une autre couleur (J’ai choisi le rose).…

“Hitting the Target” — Business Value in Mission-Focused Organizations

How should organizations prioritize work in the face of conflicting goals and metrics? Help more people? Minimize delays? Prosecute more crimes? Lower costs? In this game participants will experience a dice-based simulation that has been created to explore these questions by examining the impact of these decisions on the performance of organizations in changing environments.