Nobody’s Perfct

This game is aimed to learn from failing.
Just imagine you are on the Daily Standup meeting. Each player brings his issues to the team and also trying to solve issues that are already open.
You will be surprised by patterns of collaborative work and the power of solving issues together with the team.

Agile Game Incubator Online

Communicating complex problems can be difficult. How do you get others to realize the intricacy of the issue? Do they know the restraints involved in solving it? What can you do to help them recognize the importance of the situation? One unique way of explaining aspects of a difficult dilemma is to create an educational game. Fortunately, Tasty Cupcakes’ Agile Game Incubator provides the perfect opportunity…

Non Musical ChairsNon Musical ChairsNon Musical ChairsСвободный СтулLes Chaises Non Musicales

The goal for the team is to prevent the facilitator from sitting on the empty chair during 1 minute, by moving and sitting on the empty chair (each move leaves an empty chair somewhere in the room)Путем скоординированного перемещения команда должна воспрепятсвовать ведущему занять единственный свободный стул в комнате. Целью игры является обретение навыков самоорганизации команды, определения эффективного способа общения, выработки простой стратегии и доверия между участниками.

Coaching Skills Dojo

Learning Objective: Participants practices three fundamental coaching skills: observing, listening and questioning. When to use this game: Play this game to become improve interpersonal coaching and communication skills. Time: 90 minutes Description: First partcipants are formed into small groups. Each group brainstorms what they think is important about the three skills and share with the large group. Everyone picks a real world problem to work on. The each triad…

No-one Listens to MeNinguém me OuveNadie me EscuchaНикто Меня Не Слушает

No-one Listens to Me is an exercise that illustrates the importance of listening an awareness of our own internal monologue in conversations.Esse é um exercício que ilustra a importância de ouvir a consciência de nossas conversações e monólogos internos.Este es um ejercício que ilustra la importância de escuchar la consciência de nuestras conversaciones y monólogos internos.“Никто Меня Не Слушает” – это упражнение, которое иллюстрирует важность умения слушать и осознания собственного внутреннего монолога в разговоре.