How to work with teams in a “new normal” when we’re working only in front of screens?
How to define a goal, identify your resources and possible obstacles, and when and how to set a common goal?
It’s a fun and creative team game to help teams define their common goals using tangram elements, visual metaphor and storytelling.

A Fun, Remote Demo of the Benefits of Self-Organization

Timing – Approximately 30 minutes to run the exercise, including debrief, but you need to set up the ‘boards’ in advance. Overview I was trying to find a remote exercise to help with some coaching I was doing for new teams, where all team members are working remotely. I couldn’t find anything that really worked for me so I put this together. It’s a quick…

Piggy bank to wallet

Piggy Bank Scrum Simulation in Remote

With the arrival of Covid, I was looking for a replacement for the Ball Point and the Airplane Building games I would run during my in-class sessions. This game uses the foundations of the Coin game and adds a twist with coins of different values and adding the scrum framework for actions. This is a mash up of the coin game and scrum to make an entertaining online experience.

SimAgile – a real-life Scrum Simulation

With SimAgile, you can role-play a Scrum Master in a dynamic virtual agile team environment. Experience the Scrum ceremonies from sprint planning, daily standups, backlog refinements, demo, and retrospectives. Be presented with challenging team dynamics and coaching opportunities that simulate real-life agile team problems and opportunities for growth. Guide, coach, and lead your virtual agile team to deliver a minimal viable product. Here is a…

Remote (WFH) Ball Point Game

In March of 2020, I joined a new company as a #scrummaster. Initially, it was to be an in-office position, but due to covid-19, our office went remote (temporarily). While I am thankful to be reaping the benefits of working remotely (decreased carbon footprint/work-life balance), helping spin-up teams remotely has its challenges. One challenge I faced was how to help teams understand flow. One popular…