Anxiety Party

A workshop for expressing work anxieties and getting feedback.
It helps to eliminate the worries you have and to look at other perspectives.
An opportunity to learn a lot about your colleagues.

Ball Point WFH Game

GOAL Send as many “Balls” as possible through all Player’s cells in 3 minutes! INTENT This is our remote version (WFH) of the famous Ball Point Game designed by Boris Gloger, to be played by teams remotely. Teams running this activity will understand key agile principles in a fun and hands-on way, while realizing the constrains and possibilities that remote work and technology can bring…

Agile Wheel – A Coaching Tool

This fun game can be used by coaches to teach key focus areas of Agile, assess teams / projects on these key aspects and help teams to make improvement plans. It leads to discussions about challenges being faced by teams and good practices that can be learned from other teams and organizations. It can be used for individuals, teams and even large groups of more…

ScrumTale – Scrum Simulation Workshop

Summary If you are looking for a Scrum simulation game where you can experience iterative approach to product development, observe the impact of the continuous improvement process on the product quality and observe how self-organization works, then ScrumTale is the one to try! Time: 4-6h (depending on the number of teams)Participants: 8-17 (one or two Scrum teams) Goals: Practice Scrum framework Experience iterative product development…