The Blame GameLe jeu du blâme

This is a game to let people experience the effects of different punishments/rewards systems have on the way a team works together. One team will be ‘The Team’ which is rewarded and punished on a team level and ‘The Individuals’ have a mix of team and individual rewards and punishments. Timing: 20-45 minutes Materials: Deck of Cards, rules instructions, paper/pen to keep track of scores…

The Big PayoffБольшой Куш

This game is designed to give people a taste of what it is like to manage a portfolio in an agile organisation. It demonstrates how much better Agile projects are for portfolio management and the advantage of planning with stable teams.Игра разрабатывалась так, чтобы дать людям почувствовать, как это – управлять портфелем проектов в Agile организации.