Summer Meadows (and the Three Vs)

Summer Meadows is a short and fun exercise to demonstrate the effect of handoffs, detailed specs, and silos (otherwise referred to as the Product Management Vacuum) and to communicate how the Three Vs (Vision, Value, Validation) serve as a way to create more cohesive and creative products.

Nexus Zoo (a scaling simulator)

This is a fun and effective way to replicate the challenges of scaling product development across many teams.
It puts teams into a situation where they need to turn their individual features into one collective increment within a Sprint. They need to work out how to manage dependencies between teams as well as cross-team requirements and constraints. Consider running this exercise right before introducing a group to a scaling framework, such as Nexus.

2014 San Jose Budget Games2014 San Jose Budget Games2014 San Jose Budget Games2014 San Jose Budget Games2014 San Jose Budget Games

Fellow game players, facilitators, and creators, For the past 4 years, the city of San Jose has used Innovation Games’ “Buy a Feature” game to help balance their budget. The goal is to bring citizens into the budget building process and to get them engaged in the community.  They have also done this in Kortrijk, Belgium. For those of you that don’t know, Innovation Games is a…