If you are looking for a Scrum simulation game where you can experience iterative approach to product development, observe the impact of the continuous improvement process on the product quality and observe how self-organization works, then ScrumTale is the one to try! 

ScrumTale uses the concept of collaborative story writing to tech Scrum framework and Agile principles. What makes this simulation game so powerful is the tangible outcome – the story reflects all the issues that the product development teams are struggling with: communication, quality, integration, etc.

Writing is very universal – no IT knowledge is needed to play the game. At the same time it is a perfect reflection of all the common problems with Agile adoption – that is why playing this game is a fantastic aid not only for Scrum kick-off but also for teams that are using it but want to be more effective as all the issues will bubble-out for further analysis.

Apart from that ScrumTale is a very creative and engaging exercise that brings a lot of fun to learning the concepts of Agile methods.

Visit the official website for more details about the simulation game: https://ScrumTale.com

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