There are three rounds of darts

Each team member gets 3 darts

Each team member places their first dart on the board and explains what they are scoring and why they scored it in the way they did

The next team member places their dart and so on

Then the second dart and then the third dart

Three Rounds with Three Darts:
Round One – Process
Round Two – Product
Round Three – Team

you have a triple line which means this was really great

You have a double line which means it really good

You have numbers 1 -20. One being the lowest value and 20 being the highest value.

outer bull – was a wOW! but got an idea of how we can still improve it with a little tweak

Inner bull – We hit it! it was the best we could do!

After each round the team analyzes the results

What have we learned and what are we still struggling with?

What do we need to continue to do?

What do we need to put in the backlog for agile improvements?

Retrospective Dart Game.pdf (1015 KB)

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