Everyone has a different outlook, and this game is to understand and describe the lenses we use to see the world so teams can better navigate complex environments.

Timing:  60-90 mins (flexible, but less than one hour will be rushed)

People: can be done solo or with a group

Materials: notebook/sketchpad and a camera

Pick a place: e.g. a downtown urban area, gallery or art center, flea market, natural history museum.  Any visually rich setting can inspire and illuminate.

Simply walk around and look.  Study patterns in what pulls the gaze.  This is a powerful technique for opening yourself to greater situational awareness and visual sensitivity in your surroundings.

As you walk with a sketchbook in hand, notice what attracts you visually, what leaves you cold, what makes you uncomfortable.

Make notes and watch especially for repetition.  Use the basic terms from this sheet (or make your own) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1W-bEvPmddjPdzS3KAckewZycEufDc3-BNU1TiYTlkBg/edit

Pictured: Hive by Jaime Kriksciun, geometric, neutral, biomorphic

Detect and describe the shapes (organic, geometric), forms (biomorphic, monolithic), colors (primary, pastel, muted, monochrome), and other features (figurative, mechanical, abstract) you find most compelling.

If done in a group, conduct a mini-retro, share photos and debrief from the experience.

art studios, Erector Square, New Haven

Learning Points: You will leave with new ways to articulate what you see so that others can appreciate your experience of looking.   If done as part of a group, team members will learn more about each other’s preferences, style and proclivities.

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