This exercise was co-created as part of a collaboration day between myself and Paul Goddard and was inspired by the TV series “Jamie’s Dream School”. The episode this refers to can be found here


30-45 minutes





Colouring pens/paints

Coloured paper

Other art/craft materials

Digital Camera and Printer (or pre-printed head and shoulders photographs of team members)


Take a ‘head-and-shoulders’ photograph of each team member and print out landscape

Ask each team member to “destroy” or augment their photograph so that it reflects their style or personality

Learning Points: 

  • This is a fun and creative way of learning about your team-mates
  • It is a great team-building exercise, especially useful for teams that are geographically distributed


  1. Draw names out of a hat and “destroy” someone else’s photograph to reflect what you know about them


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