• 1 hour

Players (5..8 recommended):

  • Project manager or facilitator
  • Internal team


  • internet access
  • a goal

Circles of Influence, created by Deb Colden, can help you achieve your action potential by identifying connections that will lead you to success. Take advantage of this game to expand your network and turn your thoughts into plans.

Clicking on the image to the right will start an “instant play” game at innovationgames.com. Here, these two circles will be used as the “game board,” which will help you organize your connections and support. As a group, define your goals by dragging the blue stars from the upper left corner to the top of the board and describing what each represents. Then, move on to the circles.

  • Left circle: “Circle of the Task”
  • Right Circle: “Board of Directors”

The “Circle of the Task” represents people who can help you accomplish your goal. “Board of Directors,” is for people who will help you no matter what, and on whom you can rely on to provide encouragement and advice.

There will be two different icons that players can drag onto the circles and describe to represent your network:

  • Green people – those in your “Circle of the Task”
  • Blue people – those on your “Board of Directors”

All moves can be seen in real time by each participant, so everyone can edit the positions and descriptions of the icons. Also, the integrated chat facility allows you and your players to collaborate to uncover your connections.

Key Points:
This game involves visual organization and extensive collaboration to identify people who will help you reach your destination. By writing specific names, you can turn potential connections into beneficial relationships, and form a more focused approach on how to achieve your objective. Get the job done by expanding your network while utilizing the support of those who know you best.

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